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Editorial design, typography.
1 volume 190x260mm

“Brèves de Bruxelles” collects quotes and anecdotes overheard in various old cafés in Brussels. The stories bluntly mingle life experiences with political facts. The pronunciations play a big role as conversations are rooted in a bilingual culture where French and Dutch (and other languages) are used simultaneously. This language blend is typical of Brussels’ old culture and is nowadays the most noticeable within the elderly generation.
The aim of the project is to communicate the particular aspects of Brussels’ spoken language within a written text. Phonetic distinctions are shown through different font-weights; rhythm and intonations are shown through kerning, underlining and rotation of the letters, words and phrases. By making the accents and intonation readable through typography, the book archives verbal language without eliminating its content. In this way, the trivial stories and disappearing dialects are situated within the city's cultural heritage.

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