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I view graphic design as an interface between disciplines: you can juggle with themes, switch subjects, and alternate mediums in accordance with the aim and particulars of the project. Practicing this form of communication forces you to ‘look on the other side’ and stir the unfamiliar. Having to combine various influences prompts richness and variety, and blurs the boundaries between specializations. Individual identities become harder to circumscribe as they transcend the limits of earlier experiences and gain freedom, reminiscent of the nomad who is "nowhere really at home but comfortable everywhere" (G. Perec).


Flore de Crombrugghe

Belgian graphic designer, born in 1986

Work experience

- February-April 2014: Intern at Raw Color - Eindhoven, NL
assisting on Heimtextil Color Trends 2015/2016 (concept, film &photography), Febrik (corporate identity & website), Feeds per minute (concept web archive & participation installation), STRP (concept pitch)
- August 2013: Intern at LAb[au] - Brussels
video montage Binary Waves & assisting production artwork Mosaique - 4x4x4 - rgb
- January-April 2010: Intern at Atelier Tina Röder - Berlin
Assisting the conceptualization of the Slow Light furniture project; a credenza made of flat glass.


- 2015: MA in Graphic Design (Cum Laude), Luca School of Arts, Brussels
MA project : Research urban environment. Focus on the locality of a specific neighborhood.
Experiment in mixed media: low media devices & physical tools. Book design.
- 2014: BA in Graphic Design (Cum Laude), Luca School of Arts, Brussels
BA project : Transcription of phonetics and intonations in text. Collection of conversations in Brussels.
- 2008-2009: Study abroad program, Lexia – Berlin
International studies on architecture and urbanism in Berlin.
- 2008: BA in Interior Design, Luca School of Arts Brussels


- Languages: French & Dutch: mother tongue, English & German: fluent, Spanish: beginner
- Software: Advanced: Photoshop, In Design, Illustrator
intermediate: Premiere, AutoCAD, ArchiCAD
basics: HTML5 & CSS, Processing, After Effects, Keynote

Other achievements

- Publication of project 100 bottles in various magazines:‘Add!ct Lab’, ‘Elle Decoration South Africa’, ‘Le Soir’ and ‘Gael Maison’
- Selected pitch new design café of concert hall 'Ancienne Belgique', Brussels
- Installation Vijftig jaar expo 58 in cooparation with students in animation & Vlaamse Erfgoedcel, Central Sation Brussels


- 2005-now: Teaching: Dutch and French private courses;
various student-jobs in cultural institutes: asbl Flagey Brussels, Stuk Leuven, Berliner Philharmoniker Berlin
- July 2008: Social work in mentally challenged orphanage in Bulgaria with flemish organization ‘Bouworde’

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